iOS 16 Wishlist: New iPhone Features We Wish Apple Showed at WWDC

iOS 16 Wishlist: New iPhone Features We Wish Apple Showed at WWDC

iOS 16 Wishlist: New iPhone Features We Wish Apple Showed at WWDC

iOS 16 will most certainly be the next major version of the iPhone's software, and it will be unveiled at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in early June. Previews of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, WatchOS 9, macOS, and other Apple software are likely to be released. We're most enthusiastic about the next version of iOS since it generally brings a few significant improvements to the iPhone.

iOS 16 rumors are few, as is typical with Apple software that has yet to be launched. As a result, finding out what new iOS features are introduced will be a real treat.

The past three iOS versions have all been quite similar. iOS 15 is a parody of iOS 14, which was a continuation of iOS 13. Instead of being pushed upon your iPhone, any aesthetic modifications may be switched on and off. You don't have to utilize home screen widgets or Focus mode, for example, if you don't like them. Even if you don't want to use the more visible updates, iOS 15 introduces a slew of enhancements to the background that will keep your iPhone working efficiently and securely. That will almost certainly be the case with iOS 16.

Since its release seven months ago, iOS 15 has proven to be a pretty reliable operating system with few issues. Some features, such as Universal Control and SharePlay, took some time to roll out, but they appear to be operational now. iOS 16 is expected to pick up where iOS 15 left off, with additional features added to the existing design.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of Apple adding or improving some features. My coworkers and I brainstormed a list of iOS 16 enhancements, additions, and fixes that we'd want to see. Some are substantial, such as introducing support for the Apple Pencil, while others are little but important, such as expanding the functionality of home screen widgets. To see what Apple actually accomplishes, we'll have to wait until June.

iOS 16: For editing in the Photos app, you'll need to copy and paste

We frequently use iPhones to capture photographs and movies, and editing photos is just as enjoyable as taking them. The Photos app on the iPhone is where most users modify their photos: The user interface is simple, and there are plenty of options to help you get your desired style.

However, there is one feature in the macOS version of the Photographs app that might help with editing on the iPhone: the ability to copy and paste adjustments across photos. This is particularly useful when taking many shots in the same location, such as at a restaurant or a party. You may modify one photo and then copy and paste the changes to the others because they were all taken in the same lighting and circumstances.

You can copy and paste photo edits from one photo to another using the Photos app on the Mac.

Instead, you'll have to make those edits one by one for each photo on your iPhone with iOS 15. It's a chore.

A comparable copy and paste function for the iPhone would be fantastic with iOS 16. If the modifications you make in the Photos app on the Mac could be transferred to the Photos app on the iPhone and vice versa, we'd award iOS 16 more points. But take things one step at a time.

The Apple Watch has an always-on display that can show important information and save on battery life.
The Apple Watch has an always-on display that can show important information and save on battery life.

An iPhone lock screen that is constantly on

Imagine being able to see the time, alerts, and missed calls on your iPhone even while the screen is off. For years, Android phones have had a function where just vital information is displayed while the rest of the screen remains dark. An always-on display is what it's called. Apple Watch Series 5 and later have an always-on display option, but it's still not available on the iPhone. With iOS 16, Apple might change that by bringing a comparable version to the iPhone.

Bring the split-screen view of the iPad to iPhone Pro Max devices

Since 2019, the iPhone Pro Max has been a part of Apple's portfolio. The iPhone 11 Pro Max features a 6.5-inch screen, while the 12 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max both have a 6.7-inch screen for watching movies, playing games, and reading articles.

However, when it comes to software, those enormous screens seem to be a waste. Some iOS applications, such as Mail and Messages, can use the extra screen space in landscape mode to display a column of message previews alongside the currently open message. However, there isn't much else on iOS that makes use of those larger screens.

Bring the iPad's split screen view to iPhone Pro Max models
Split view debuted on the iPad with iOS 9.

Apple may only introduce specific iPadOS features to iOS 16 for Pro Max devices, such as the split-screen Multitasking view. It would be fantastic if you could open Safari on one side of the phone screen and Messages on the other.

Apple Pencil support for iPhone Pro Max Models

The iPhone Pro Max's big screen calls for Apple Pencil integration. Samsung's Galaxy Note and S Ultra handsets demonstrated that there is a large market for a phone stylus. There are even $300 phones that support one, such as the Moto G Stylus.

Apple Pencil support for iPhone Pro Max Models
     The Apple Pencil is compatible with the iPad Mini, Air, and Pro. We'd like Apple to add support for iPhone Pro Max models.

The second-generation Apple Pencil is a fantastic stylus that works with the iPad Mini, Air, and Pro. Imagine being able to use it for drawing and note-taking on the iPhone 13 Pro Max's 120Hz screen. Even better, how about an Apple Pencil Mini that clips to the side of the iPhone Pro Max (think golf pencil sized)? Can't we all dream as tech journalists?

iPhone widgets need more functionality

Many of us were ecstatic when iOS 14 brought home screen widgets to the iPhone. Apple's widget implementation is spotless, and Samsung has begun to copy it. Widgets may be arranged in a grid on your home screen. However, there is a catch: home screen widgets are passive. The most functionality they give is the ability to access their respective app, aside from glanceable information or widget smart stacks.

The Apple Music widget, for example, shows the currently playing song. The Apple Music app opens when I tap on the widget. But what if you could skip to the next song by tapping on the widget? What if you could transfer places by swiping in the Weather widget? Let's hope iOS 16 adds additional capability to home screen widgets.

Let's put applications anywhere we want

Apple has updated the home screen in recent years by adding new features like widgets and the App Library. You may have several app pages and even have the same app on separate home screen pages (which is useful if you use Focus mode a lot).

However, nothing has changed when it comes to rearranging the app icons on your app page. Apps cling to the upper left of the screen's invisible software magnet. If you just want a few apps on a certain home screen page, those apps will begin to fill in the screen from the top left corner. You can't put them at the bottom of the screen without first filling up the top.

Please, Apple, allow us to relocate our applications anywhere we wish. This would be a huge help in making it easy to use applications one-handed without having to use Reachability. Also, if you have a favorite home screen wallpaper, you might rearrange applications so that you can view it better.

More default app choices

On an iPhone, you may presently change the default browser and mail program from Safari and Mail to something else. Apple may allow more apps to use system defaults in iOS 16, particularly navigation and messaging apps. If you use Google Maps frequently, it's a good idea to make it your default map program instead of Apple Maps.

What features do you want to see in iOS 16?

These are some of the features we'd want to see in the upcoming iOS release. What about you, though? Is there anything you'd like Apple to add or repair in terms of features or bugs? Read our iOS 16 rumor collection if you want to look into some of the leaks for the iPhone's future software.

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