How to reset your iPhone to factory settings before selling or trading-it-in

How to reset your iPhone to factory settings before selling or trading-it-in

How to reset your iPhone to factory settings before   selling or trading-it-in

When setting up your new iPhone is fantastic, it's easy to forget about your old iPhone. However, once you've signed in to all the apps and verified that your email is actually on your iPhone, don't put your old phone in a box and forget about it.

Be sure to take a few minutes to reset your old iPhone to factory settings, delete all personal information and applications, and delete everything from your iCloud or Apple ID, especially if you plan to sell or trade your old iPhone

You don't want your information to fall into the hands of strangers, do you? Not to mention that if you're transacting on your phone and Apple's Find My is still running, some carriers will reject the transaction and you'll lose some points.

It only takes a few minutes to clean your phone and it's extremely easy.

How to factory reset your iPhone

How to factory reset your iPhone

Apple has done the process of resetting or deleting your iPhone with iOS 15. Before restarting your phone, don't forget to turn off Find My iPhone and Activation Lock, the new process will take care of everything for you.

To begin, open your iPhone's Settings app and pick General from the drop-down menu. Then, at the bottom of the page, select Transfer or Reset iPhone. The following page will allow you to prepare your phone for another device setup.

If you're getting ready to set up your new iPhone, continue those steps, or if you've already done so, hit Erase All Content and Settings at the bottom of the screen. When prompted, enter your passcode.

The next screen details the data that will be deleted from your device and notify you that any cards, codes, or cards in the wallet application will be deleted. And yes, My Search and Activation Lock will also turn off.

Continue by pressing the blue button. You will be presented with an iCloud Backup screen, which will make a final backup of your iPhone before it gets erased if you let it run its course. You can skip this screen if you've already set up your new iPhone. Otherwise, let it take its course.

When prompted, enter your Apple ID / iCloud account password on the next screen. This is where Find My is turned off. Press the power off button in the upper-right corner after entering your password.

When you pick Turn Off, it may appear that nothing happens, but wait for a second or two before proceeding. During this period, your phone is attempting to switch off Find My, but there is no progress signal.

Finally, another popup will appear, this time with a red Erase iPhone button. If you press the button, your iPhone will reboot a few times, and when it's done, all of your data will be erased. When you see a welcome screen, you'll know it's finished.

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