Apple now gives you free access to MLB games so you can sell you another iPhone later

Apple now gives you free access to MLB games so you can sell you another iPhone later

Apple now gives you free access to MLB games so you   can sell you another iPhone later

From Friday, Apple TV + will stream two MLB games per week.

For the most part, it's similar to watching ball games on a traditional broadcast network, but with a few extra features, such as the ability to ask Siri for player stats or to listen to the pop songs of your favorite players on Apple Music.

Now it's still free. Watch without a subscription to Apple TV + $ 4.99 per month. But in the end, it could help Apple sell more iPhones.

Apple's first investment in sports shows its bigger strategy with Apple TV +, which has more players in both respects than Netflix, Disney +, and HBO Max. While these services have more shows and movies than you'd like to watch for the rest of your life, the Apple TV  + library is smaller, more man-made, and algorithm-free.

While no one at Apple will complain that TV + attracts Netflix subscribers, it's not the ultimate goal. I spoke with an Apple representative on Thursday and was told that the company's focus is not on gaining market share in services such as Apple TV +. You should focus on quality instead. Of course, you can easily argue that if Apple TV + is a good thing, people will sign up more.

It reminds me of something I wrote two years ago when Apple TV + was just starting. It is not intended to fight Netflix. This is a prestigious collection of HBO-Emmy and Oscar baits without any fillings.

Last month, Apple won an Oscar for Best Picture for "CODA" and several Emmy Awards for "Ted Lasso," including an excellent comedy series. Meanwhile, the dystopian drama at Severance has become a sleepy affair this year, with critics going crazy and Apple ordering a second series.

Netflix may have popular shows like Stranger Things and The Squid Game, but for each of these shows there are dozens of cheap options like The Floor Is Lava. Netflix has a lot of quality, but a lot of it can be lost in the noise.

Think of Apple TV + the same way you would like to get all the free stuff that comes with your Amazon Prime subscription. Apple doesn't need to make big profits from streaming TV. You just need it as another weapon in your arsenal so you can buy iPhones and other Apple devices. Adding live sports to live basketball is a good test for Apple to see if it can get enough attention to expand its sports offering on Apple TV +, as companies other than Netflix have avoided live sports.

It also explains why Apple launched a subscription service for iPhones that will give you the ability to integrate Apple products, like TV+, into your new iPhone at an annual or monthly rate. It's a double disappointment for Apple. This will allow customers to upgrade their phones more often each year, rather than every three or four years, and increase the number of subscribers to services like TV+, Apple Music, and Apple News.

Deutsche Bank analysts saw the same opportunity and said in a survey on Friday that "potential" hardware and service packages could increase Apple's digital subscribers. This will in turn be the main catalyst of the portfolio.

This all goes back to the same thing we've seen from Apple since it started moving to online services a few years ago. The iPhone remains a major source of revenue, while everything else from AirPods to Apple TV + is designed to allow customers to lock and upgrade their devices.

source: CNBC

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