A New Apple Exclusive Reveals the iPhone 14's Shocking Price

A New Apple Exclusive Reveals the iPhone 14's Shocking Price

New Apple Exclusive Reveals iPhone 14 Price Shock

Apple leaks have previously shown the notch-less redesign, which is widely regarded as the most significant update in the iPhone 14 lineup. Right? Wrong. It will be their pricing, according to new information...

Apple's decision to replace the iPhone 13 small with the iPhone 13 Max is expected to result in a price hike of up to $300, according to Bloomberg's outstanding Apple specialist Mark Gurman.

  • The bezels on the iPhone 14 Pro will be smaller and more symmetrical.
  • Pro models look to be significantly taller and have more rounded corners than non-Pro variants.
  • The iPhone 14 Max replaces the iPhone 13 Mini and is almost the same size as the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max (aspect ratio margins aside).
  • Both iPhone 14 Pros sport the contentious new 'i-shaped' cutout, while standard versions retain the notch.

The alignment of genuine components (which is a common occurrence around this time every year as Apple ramps up mass manufacturing) gives credibility to leaks about the new models' internals. That said, this isn't always a good thing. For the first time, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max are projected to rely on a previous-generation chipset (Apple's 2021 A15 Bionic, which is also included in the $429 iPhone SE), and the recent rumored price rises (below) appear to be much more realistic.

"As a result, the non-Pro iPhone line will gain a 6.7-inch screen option for the first time," Gurman reveals. "...for at least $200 less than previously, buyers will be able to obtain Apple's biggest iPhone size."

To put it another way, an iPhone 14 Max will cost around $200 less than an iPhone 14 Pro Max. Let's take a closer look at this. An iPhone 13 Pro Max now costs $1099, putting the iPhone 14 Max at $899, a $200 premium over the $699 iPhone 13 Mini it replaces. But not right now.

According to many rumors, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will cost $1099 and $1199, respectively, due to growing component costs and Apple's desire to distinguish between Pro and non-Pro iPhones. The iPhone 14 Max might now cost as much as $999, which is $300 more than the iPhone 13 Mini.

And this is only the beginning, as Gurman points out because regular iPhone 14 models will have considerably fewer Pro features than prior generations. He believes they will be missing out on amenities such as:

New Apple Exclusive Reveals iPhone 14 Price Shock

As a result, Apple lovers are faced with a dilemma: When it comes to size, how important is it?

The iPhone 13 Mini's poor sales have once again demonstrated that huge displays are what people actually desire, so a more cheap iPhone 14 Pro Max should be suitable. The reaction may be very different if the iPhone 14 Max costs about $1000 and a $100 upgrade buys you an iPhone 14 Pro with a superior design, updated camera, next-gen technology, and a 120Hz ProMotion display.

Apple excels at giving customers what they want, but not in the way they want it. And it appears that the iPhone 14 series will be no different.

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